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Outdoor furniture trends for 2023

 Which colours, shapes and materials are popular in 2023 and how can the outdoor area in your hotel or lodge be designed in a modern and inviting way at the same time?

Every year the outdoor area is adapted to new trends. Of course, your own taste and the conditions of the respective outdoor area play the most important role. But there are great trends again this year that make the terrace area in front of the rooms and the area around the pool as well as the outdoor facilities of the restaurant a particularly modern retreat. Relaxing in a cozy ambience and enjoying the fresh air is no problem with a contemporary outdoor design. If you want to transform your own outdoor area in your hotel into a cozy oasis of well-being this year, you won’t be able to avoid these garden furniture trends in 2023!

Outdoor Guestroom – Enjoy the summer comfortably

Feeling good and relaxing outside in style: this will remain one of the most important outdoor living trends in 2023. With a well thought-out patio plan and some stylish outdoor furniture, your own outdoor area can be transformed into a second guest room that your hotel guests will enjoy spending time in.

This is particularly easy if furniture in the living room look conquers the terrace, because this creates a cozy center of life for your guests during their stay. Of course, the indoor-style outdoor furniture should still be weatherproof so that it can withstand summer rain showers and our Namibian sun unscathed.

Practical tip: Restyle the guest room look on the terrace

For the perfect fusion of indoor and outdoor areas, it is important to choose the right equipment for the terrace. Depending on the available space, an ensemble of comfortable lounge furniture, relaxation chairs and a daybed is suitable. If you have a little less space available, you can opt for an upholstered lounge set with an outdoor table instead.

Sustainable outdoor furniture is trendy in 2023

Outdoor furniture made of wood has become a real outdoor classic and in 2023 it will be more popular than ever! A combination with other materials such as stainless steel, aluminum or mesh is particularly stylish. But outdoor furniture is also currently in vogue as a pure wood variant.

Unlike in the past, wooden furniture for outdoors will be presented in its natural beauty in 2023, so that the grain remains clearly visible.

In order for the wood to withstand the weather, however, it should be treated regularly with special impregnations.

Naturally elegant – furniture with organic shapes for the terrace

Naturalness plays a key role in this elegant trend for outdoor furniture in 2023: Materials such as wood, stainless steel, wickerwork or weatherproof rope – i.e. colored ropes and straps that are used for armrests or backrests – are among the favorites of the season! This year, the high-quality trend materials come in the form of comfortable yet reduced outdoor furniture.

Harmoniously designed outdoor furniture, such as oval-shaped armchairs or sofas with rounded corners, are trendy. The feel-good factor

– at the room terrace,

– at the pool area and

– at the outdoor area of your restaurant

is enhanced by upholstery and cushions in muted tones.