Manufactured using Zero Twist yarn in the pile and RS Cotton in both ground and weft, our Imperial Range is a top-quality, superior-luxury product available in a wide range of sophisticated colours.

Are 100% Cotton Hotel Towels Right for You?
When only the best will do, 100% cotton towels offer the ultimate in plush softness for your guests. These towels offer a perfect blend of comfort and strength. Guests will enjoy the softness of pure cotton loops with added strength and durability that will keep your hotel towels soft and fresh, wash after wash.

What is the Best Weight for a Hotel Towel?
Hotel towels come in various weights: 380 GSM, 450 GSM, 600 GSM and 1000 GSM measured. Opting for a high-quality hotel towel (from 600 GSM) ensures a luxurious, ultra-absorbent experience. Keep in mind that a higher weight also means a longer drying time. This hotel towels (from 600 GSM), offering a blend of softness, absorbency, and a reasonable drying time – making them a favoured option for many establishments. For Hostels and Backpackers lightweight hotel towels (from 380 GSM) provide a quick drying time and occupy minimal space on stockroom shelves.


30 x 30 – Face Cloth, 30 x 50 – Guest Towel, 50 x 90 – Hand Towel, 70 x 130 – Bath Towel, 90 x 170 – Bath Sheet