Flat Sheets

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Flat Sheets

Percale fabric is determined by thread count which has to be at least 200 threads or more per square inch.

Thread count is the measure of how many threads are in every square inch of that fabric.

Both the vertical (warp) and horizontal (weft) weave of the fabric are counted to determine the thread count.

So, 100 vertical threads woven over and under 100 horizontal threads, produces a 200 thread count percale.

The benefit of this consistent one thread over another is what gives us the matt finish, as well as the cool crisp hand-feel synonymous with percale fabric.

100% cotton is the perfect fiber for this weave, as cotton is breathable and can handle tight weaves.

Does thread counts matter?

Well, to be able to weave 200 threads or higher into a square inch, means as the thread-count gets higher or increases, the yarn has to be increasingly finer to fit into a square inch.
Those who prefer and purchase percale sheets, do so for their quality, longevity and softness which only increases with use, as well as the lightweight feel, comfort and luxuriousness of the fine yarns.

Hospitality Textile Supplies CC offer 100 % cotton percale Hotel bed linen in following qualities: 200, 300, 400 and 600 thread counts,  available in Stone or White


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