Butter Dispenser

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Butter Dispenser

This butter dispenser was developed specifically to meet the needs of the hotel industry.
At the push of a button, the dispenser places the butter straight onto the guest’s plate at the breakfast buffet, perfectly portioned and immediately spreadable.
The butter is behind glass, meaning guests never touch the butter and hygiene standards are maintained.
An indirect cooling system ensures the butter stays fresh and appetizing!
The Butter dispenser can be used for at least five hours at a room temperature of 25°C considering the frozen cool pack assembly (min. – 18°C), as well as the usage of the magazine filled with cooled butter at 5°C. Very environmentally friendly (no butter-plastic-single portions)!

Don’t see only the price, see what you can do for your green footprint, reduce plastic packaging and increase your hygienical standard!
This dispenser is usefull during breakfast, lunch and dinner providing clean butter portions !


Filling amount: 8 blocks of 250 g commercial block butter, equivalent to 200 portions at 10 g each.
Removable magazine - unused butter can be left inside the magazine and stored in a refrigerated area inside the Fresh box.
If necessary, the replacement of an additional magazine is possible at any time.
Time independent preparation of the butter magazine with the help of the butter block divider (included in delivery).
Easy to use - due to a separate butter magazine and integrated cool pack assembly.
Dishwasher approved individual parts.
Technical Details:
Dimension: 370 mm x H 570 mm
Power supply: 120/240 V – 50Hz-60Hz
Colour: steel or red or blue